New walls in less than 3 hours.

In your pocket - a smartphone telling you how far to run to burn off your lunch calories. In the car park - a car that drives itself home. And on your wall - a wallpaper that can only peel away before Christmas? Start being consistent! WALLDESIGN is a solution offering just the comfort and convenience to meet all the needs of a modern customer.


You never know how many layers will be necessary to cover the wall. It is hard to predict how many tiles will break during cutting. Or whether the wallpaper will not peel off the wall yet again. WALLDESIGN is a complete product suitable for various interiors. Just pick the pattern you like. The rest will go off without a hitch.


Forget about the hassle of wrapping your entire house in protective film, splatters that will stay with you forever or struggle with crooked walls. With WALLDESIGN, you will refresh your living room or bedroom so quickly and easily that you may even think - "why not do it every month"?

Surface structures

KW - struktura kamienna
OW - struktura ONE WOOD
SD - struktura synchroniczna DĄB
SW - struktura synchroniczna WIĄZ

Where to buy?

We export our products to over 72 countries across the world, and are a leader on the laminated floor market in Poland.

In order to secure the highest quality of our services, our products are sold through a network of Authorized Partners and Wholesalers. Please contact one of our distributors available in your region.