In course of designing the PLATINIUM laminate flooring, we were thinking about our Customers' individual needs and sophisticated tastes. The laminate panels offered by SWISS KRONO are an integral part of the design of both classic and modern interiors. Be it a living-room, nursery or a bedroom, each room will acquire a unique nature.

With respect to the appropriation of the product and according to the Customer's taste, we recommend flooring types from our wide line of products pooled in eleven collections. All the floors of the PLATINIUM brand guarantee comfort, durability and very good utility characteristics, i.e. resistance to staining or antiallergicity. They may also be assembled on water-heating of the floor, and easily cleaned and maintained. Not only do the PLATINIUM laminate panels offer splendid quality but their color range, from classic oak shades to colors of exotic wood, also creates the atmosphere and emphasize the nature of the interior.

Having chosen the flooring of PLATINIUM brand, we choose the highest quality, outstanding esthetics and unique products to express ourselves.

Comfort, durability and beauty.

Bright, inspired by Scandinavian styles decors in gray, slightly yellowish or beige shades may be found practically in each collection. The panels are a very graceful element of the finish of small rooms as they contribute to delicacy and spatiality of the interior. The dark, intense decors form an excellent background both for a heavy, stylish desk in a representative study and for a minimalist leather sofa in a modern living-room. They are the pith and marrow of elegance and sophisticated taste.

PLATINIUM is a wide range of various, effective surface structures, from authentic and truly imitating the wood texture to modern, linear structures. They may imitate varnished floor but also oiled peachy gloss, or characteristic leaching. SWISS KRONO offers also a new, three-dimensional synchronous structure 3D whose look and touch virtually cannot be distinguished from natural wood. We do hope that the PLATINIUM floors will make your dreams and expectations come true and that our products will create the image of your interiors with positive emotions only.

The highest quality product

Modern technologies, highly qualified professionals as well as experienced personnel guarantee the highest quality products. To ensure the quality, Kronopol is certified to meet ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

From start to finish of the manufacturing process, both raw materials and finish products, undergo rigorous quality checks in order to ensure Customer’s full satisfaction.

Floor panels are a natural product that is made of 80% ecological wood. SWISS KRONO holds the FSC certificate.

As part of the Forest Stewardship Council certification system, SWISS KRONO company represents that it is not, directly or indirectly, involved in any of the following activities:

  1. Illegal logging or trading in illegally obtained wood or forestry products.
  2. Violation of tradition and human rights during forestry activities.
  3. Destroying areas of special protective value during forestry activities.
  4. Conversion of forest areas into non-forest areas.
  5. Including genetically modified organisms in forestry activities.
  6. Violation of fundamental rules of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), specified in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted in 1998.


  • Hygiene (thorough hand washing, disinfection, maintaining cleanliness) depends on us, and not just on the properties of interior design products.
  • SWISS KRONO products – melamine faced boards, worktops, flooring - have antibacterial properties and thus they increase our safety.
  • Not all bacteria are harmful.
  • Bacteria do not multiply on the surface of SWISS KRONO products.


  • Antibacterial surfaces do not need to be washed, cleaned or disinfected.
  • Antibacterial surfaces are antiviral.
  • SWISS KRONO melamine faced boards, worktops and flooring with antibacterial properties have been created because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When you touch antibacterial surfaces you do not need to wash your hands.


Please be advised that SWISS KRONO laminated floor panels have antibacterial properties. This is confirmed by the attached Certificate issued by the IHD Wood Technology Institute in Dresden / Germany.

The ANTIBACTERIALITY of laminate flooring means that bacteria do not multiply on the surface of SWISS KRONO laminate floors. Tests according to ISO 22196: 2011 were carried out on 2 bacteria (Staphyloccocus aureus - golden staphylococcus and Escherichia coli - colitis), and their result confirms that the surface of laminated floor panels has the ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Deep wood structurescontinual modernization of our production line equipment allows us to produce panels with a deep structure that provides a perfect imitation of wood grain. Our product offer contains both shiny and matt finishes, as well as brushed wood interpretations 

V-fuga – we know very well that v-fuga enriches the wood image, providing it with a touch of class. The use of four-sided v-fuga also increases the visual appeal of an installed floor. Paints used in painting this part of the product are entirely safe and hold all required certificates.

Synchronized structures – the next step in improving wood imitation was the purchase of special KT presses which allow for production of seep synchronized structures. A synchronized structure is a sort of “bas relief” perfectly matched to the wood image (e.g. a synchronized structure emphasizes the arrangement of tree rings).

3D synchronized structures – at SWISS KRONO, our highest value is the beauty of natural wood. Modern technology for producing metallic matrices to imprint structures facilitate the creation of a texture that not only provides the deep structure of brushed wood, but also highlights its depth through the use of shine, matte and half-matte in various fragments of a given panel. The innovative Stratochrome technology provides a 3D effect to laminated flooring.