• resistant to stains such as coffee, red wine or ink stain,
  • resistant to daylight and UV radiation (no colour fading),
  • resistance to scratching, dent and abrasion – laminates (CPL AND HPL) used for worktops production are made in accordance with the standard PN-EN 438 – usual household-activities, except cutting, grinding and striking with any sharp / bunt tools, are allowed
  • resistant to steam – the steam does not penetrate inside the worktop and does not cause delamination of the board- it relates to worktop surface. When white goods / home appliances are installed with worktop on the top of them, its bottom side has to be additionally and effectively protected from steam influence,
  • resistance to higher temperature allows to place directly on a worktop a dish of hot water, except any dish with an iron or metal undersurface. In such cases the insulating pads should be used
  • resistant to chemical compounds,
  • hygiene class: E1

All above mentioned features relate to worktop surface.

Antibacterial Surface 

Decors of SWISS KRONO Worktops marked with this sign have increased antibacterial resistance.

Almost all decors from the SWISS KRONO collection of Worktops (marked with the sign “anti-bacterial surface”) use HPL laminate with a special, certified, anti-bacterial surface.

There is a risk of infection not only in hospitals. Hygiene is important in all public places such as hotels, offices, shops, means of transport and educational facilities. Almost all decors in our collection of Worktops ensure increased protection in all interiors.


  • Hygiene (thorough hand washing, disinfection, maintaining cleanliness) depends on us, and not just on the properties of interior design products.
  • SWISS KRONO products – melamine faced boards, worktops, flooring - have antibacterial properties and thus they increase our safety.
  • Not all bacteria are harmful.
  • Bacteria do not multiply on the surface of SWISS KRONO products.


  • Antibacterial surfaces do not need to be washed, cleaned or disinfected.
  • Antibacterial surfaces are antiviral.
  • SWISS KRONO melamine faced boards, worktops and flooring with antibacterial properties have been created because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When you touch antibacterial surfaces you do not need to wash your hands.
  Download: list of decors.

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  • for furniture production,
  • as elements of interior finishing, e.g. kitchen worktops, counters, tables, desks, shelves.


Any mechanical interference in the worktop structure requires rigorously to secure this area against moisture immediately after processing. When white goods / home appliances are installed with worktop on the top of them, its bottom side has to be additionally and effectively protected from steam influence.

The rear adhesive-free strip (for one-side rounded worktops) does not protect the worktop against water. We recommend using trims.

Use a soft, dry or moist cloth for the care and maintenance of worktops. Larger dirt can be removed using a solution of washing-up liquid. Then, wipe it with a damp, soft cloth, and keep wiping until it dries. Do NOT use any aggressive cleaning agents (eg solvents) or polishing agents on the surface finish. More information: Instructions for the installation and use SWISS KRONO worktops.

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