The particle board

The particle board is a three-layer wood-based material with a sand-papered surface, made by pressing wood particles at a high temperature and under pressure, using urea-formaldehyde resin as a binding agent.

The inner layer consists of coarse fraction particles, while the external layers are formed from very fine and thin particles (micro-particles). This makes a surface, which is characterised by a low surface roughness and a high resistance to tearing off.



Particle boards are basic materials for the production of furniture.

In addition, they are perfectly suitable for use as:

  • lining and insulating material in interiors,
  • partition walls,
  • base material for the production of worktops, windowsills, wall panels and floors.

Their surface qualities make it also possible to enrich them by varnishing or covering with thin melamine films as well as natural and artificial face layers.