The melamine faced boards

The melamine faced boards are products based on three-layer particle boards or MDF single side- or two side-coated with papers impregnated with thermosetting resins, which provides the final surface finish with no need for further treatment.

The laminating process consists in pressing a decorative film onto the board with its simultaneous surface structuring.


  • high quality,
  • wide range of colours,
  • variety of surface structures,
  • versatility of applications,
  • easiness to process,
  • environmental friendly (hygiene class E1).


  • basic material for furniture production,
  • structural and decorative materials in interior finishing.

Important Note!

Use a soft, dry or moist cloth for the care and maintenance of laminated boards. Larger dirt can be removed using a solution of washing-up liquid. Then, wipe it with a damp, soft cloth, and keep wiping until it dries. Do NOT use any aggressive cleaning agents (eg solvents) or polishing agents on the laminated surface finish.

Approvals and certificates

Hygienic Certificate No. 438/322/456/2016 confirming Hygiene Class E1 (for MDF laminated  boards)

Hygienic Certificate No. 442/322/460/2016 confirming Hygiene Class E1 (for laminated particle boards)

Fire classification

Where to buy?

We export our products to over 72 countries across the world, and are a leader on the laminated floor market in Poland.

In order to secure the highest quality of our services, our products are sold through a network of Authorized Partners and Wholesalers. Please contact one of our distributors available in your region.