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Melamine Faced Boards
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Melamine Faced Board Worktop HPL
K101 SE, PE White K101 PE White K101 PE lub KM, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
U190 PE, SE Black U190 KM Black U190 KM, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D9450 PR Dark walnut D9450 PR Dark walnut D9450 PR, 4100x1310x0,6 mm
D9300 PE Wild pear D9300 PE Wild pear D9300 PE, 4100x1310x0,6 mm
D2227 BS Wenge D2227 SM Wenge D2227 SM, 4100x1310x0,6 mm
D1972 SE Locarno apple D1972 PE Locarno apple D1972 PE, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D2298 MT, MX Seagrass D2298 MT Seagrass D2298 MT, 3050x1320x0,6 mm
D495 PE Elysee D495 PE Elysee D495 PE, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D3158 MX Verona ash D1011 WG Verona ash D1011 WG, 3050x1300x0,6 mm
D3025 PR Sonoma oak D3025 MX Sonoma oak D3025 MX, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D3274 BS Concrete D3274 MT Concrete D3274 MT, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D3265 BS Concrete Dark D3265 BT Concrete Dark D3265 BT, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D3273 MX Canyon oak D3273 MX Canyon oak D3273 MX, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D3314 SD Giovanni oak D3314 PR Giovanni oak D3314 PR, 4100x1320x0,6 mm
D3168 MX Whitewashed pine D3168 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D5194 MX Sonoma tabac oak D5194 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3166 MX Rijeka light oak D3166 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3167 MX Rijeka oak D3167 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3165 MX D3165 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3349 MX San Marino oak D3349 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3268 MX Murano walnut D3268 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3275 MX Cortona oak D3275 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3276 MX Ancona oak D3276 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3267 MX Bergamo elm D3267 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3264 MX Brunico oak D3264 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D3337 MX Larch D3337 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D2380 PR Chocolate pine D2380 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D2609 PR, MX Palermo light oak D2609 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D9164 BS Caravaggio walnut D9164 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D2840 PR Royal oak D2840 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
U112 PE Grey U112 PE, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
U125 PE Blue U125 PE, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D9163 BS Ecco walnut D9163 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm
D 2610 PR, MX Palermo dark oak D2610 BS, 3050x1320x0,8 mm

*HPL formats vary depending on the decor; ask retailers for details.

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Gray U112 MT S 2000-N
Beige U119 MT S 2005-Y40R
Blue Pigeons U120 MT S 4020-R90B
Pink U141 MT S 1010-Y80R
Turquoise U159 MT S 4040-B20G
Graphite U162 MT S 7000-N
Anthracite U164 MT S 7502-B
Brown U185 MT S 8005-Y50R
Black U190 MT S 8500-N
Gray stone U540 MT S 2500-N
Gray meadow U544 MT S 3005-G80Y
White porcelain U570 MT S 0500-N
Raspberry U1253 MT S 5065-R
Olive U2508 MT S 6020-G70Y
Yellow safflower U2644 MT S 0570-Y
Orange U2645 MT S 0585-Y40R
Gray bright U2653 MT S 1502-R50B
Cappucino U3053 MT S 4010-Y30R
Gray lava U3057 MT S 4000-N
Praline U3062 MT S 5005-Y50R
Toffi U3188 MT S 4005-Y50R
Truffle U3189 MT S 5005-Y20R
Vanilla U3261 MT S 0505-Y30R
Ice blue D3271 MT S 2010-B
Blue sea U3824 MT S 0620-R90B
Red coral U7110 MT S 2070-Y90R
Jasmine U3826 MT S 0530-G80Y
White Alaska U8681 MT S 0505-R60B
Biały 511 U511 SM 9016
Biały 110 K110 SM 9016
Biały K101 SE, PE 9010 S0502-Y
Biały Alaska U8681 SM 9003
Biały kremowy K300 SM 1013 S0502-Y
Wanilia U1301 PE 1015 S0505-Y30R 7506C
Popiel U112 PE 9006 S2000-N 421C
Grafitowy U3114 PE 7024 S7500-N Cool Gray 11
Beż jasny U119 PE 1015 S1005-Y50R 482C
Cappuccino U3053 PE 1019 S4010-Y30R 480C
Niebieski U125 PE 5005 S3560-R80B 661C
Pomarańczowy U3113 PE 2000 S1060-Y30R 150C
Zielony groszek U157 PE 1016 S0565-650Y 583C
Zielony limonka U3112 PE 6018 S0580-630Y 376
Bordowy U2656 PE 3011 S4050-Y90R 1815C
Czarny U190 PE, SE 9017 S9000-N BLACK C
Błękit lodowy D3271 PE 7040 S 2010-B 5435 C
Jaśminowy D3266 PE 1013 S 0603-Y40R 482 C
Biały polarny U3293 SM 9016 S0502-G50Y 663 C
*The indicated equivalents are the closest, and are only indicative

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Warning: All colours shown in this publication are only sample colours and should not be considered as original ones.