SWISS KRONO WP50 AND DP50 sheathing and insulating boards manufactured from natural wood fibres are designed for the construction industry to be used for complete construction and insulation of roofing, walls and floors. On the other hand, SWISS KRONO MDF is based on a dry process which makes it possible to obtain board with very good strength parameters. Binding agents and the sizing system are environmentally friendly and contain very low quantities of formaldehyde. As a consequence, after expiry of their service life SWISS KRONO board can be recycled (the limit value of formaldehyde emission is considerably below that specified in the E1 standard).

Conventional fibreboards are manufactured in a 'wet' process, which results in an environmental impact. Boards produced in this technology have worse strength and static properties.

SWISS KRONO WP50 and DP50 are MDF-type construction boards designed for:

  • covering external walls (WP50) – square-edge board
  • covering roofs (DP50) – tongue-and-groove edge board