Current trends in residential building are based on large open spaces. Therefore the demand has emerged for products which are capable of coping with new requirements, being durable and stable in long spans.

An innovative solution in modern construction engineering is SWISS KRONO I-Beam.

The unique parameters of SWISS KRONO I-beams result from properties associated with the I-section and high quality components: flanges from laminated wood and web from SWISS KRONO OSB/3 board. All beam elements are pressed in special presses with water-resistant adhesives, which gives them the highest rigidity and guaranteed stability of dimensions.

Thanks to using standard dimensions, we are able to optimise supporting structures and reduce costs of construction projects. Kronopol I-beam, a precisely made and dimensioned product, finally eliminates problems with persistent squeaking and twisting of wooden beams.


Structures made from SWISS KRONO I-beams have a much better thermal insulating performance than traditional technologies. Small web thickness (10 mm) makes it possible to reduce thermal bridges commonly occurring in traditional structural elements made of solid wood. Wide beam foot ensures an easy assembly of roof decking, while the possibility of making holes in the web facilitates the routing of installations.

SWISS KRONO I-beam is a perfect solution for roofs, floors and walls, as its bearing capacity allows for carrying higher loads across longer spans. Being lightweight, the beams are very easy to assemble and do not require using cranes. The assembly takes less time than putting up heavy solid wood beams.

A great benefit is the rigidity of the material, which ensures that building dimensions are maintained. Due to their stability and durability, SWISS KRONO I-beams can be used in the construction of large open spaces.

Range of applications

  • Wall pillars in frame structures
  • Floor and roof beams in frame and traditional structures
  • For the construction of energy-efficient and passive houses

In addition to SWISS KRONO OSB/3 board and diffusively opened Kronotec MDF board, SWISS KRONO I-Beam is the main structural material used in the Kronopol System – a modern frame building system.

SWISS KRONO I-Beams hold the European Technical Approval ETA-11/0111 and the Hygienic Certificate.

SWISS KRONO I-beam advantages

  • high load resistance
  • possibility of covering long spans
  • low weight with maintenance of excellent structural properties
  • dimensional stability ensuring high precision of elements of the building
  • possibility of routing installations through floor, roof and wall elements
  • easy assembly
  • reduction of thermal bridges in partition structures