Easy Pack

Every year SWISS KRONO OSB/3 is gaining recognition as a building material with a virtually unlimited range of applications. SWISS KRONO OSB/3 has been used by construction companies successfully for many years, and has recently become more popular with individual clients.

Given the heavy weight (35 kg) of the standard 18 mm x 2,500 mm x 1,250 mm board, individual clients may have difficulties handling, transporting and installing the board after purchase.

In response to our clients' needs, SWISS KRONO has introduced the OSB/3 tongue-and-groove board, an ergonomically sized (18 mm x 2050 mm x 625 mm) under the trade name “EASY PACK”.

SWISS KRONO OSB/3 EASY PACK available thickness: 18 and 22 mm.


  • Lighter board
  • Transport with client's own passenger car possible
  • Pallet transport with a small trailer possible
  • Easy to carry upstairs to higher floors
  • Easy to carry through small openings, such as roof hatches
  • Easy one-person installation
  • Compact size requires less space for storage


  • Cost savings (client's own transport)
  • Time savings
  • Boards can be installed in an attic without cutting
  • Harmless to health
  • Safe one-man installation
  • Can be stored in a garage, e.g. next to a parked car