The Ferrum Floors  panels come with a warranty of 10 and 15 years. You can enjoy the perfect look of the panels for many years because they are reinforced with an extra, mineral surface.

The highest quality of our products is monitored by renowned experts in the field and an experienced staff, all under the rules of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Warranty (83.21 kB)

1. Subject of the Warranty

1.1. SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Żary, 68-200, ul. Serbska 56, the manufacturer, hereby grants a warranty for the resistance to abrasion parameter of laminated panels. The manufacturer guarantees that the pattern (image) of the laminated floor will not be abraded on a surface greater than 1 cm2 on one panel, while operating as intended and in compliance with the "Principles of assembly and use. Warranty" as defined above.

1.2. Depending on the class of resistance to abrasion “AC” (EN 13329) the warranty period from the date of purchase is as follows:

  • AC3 floor panels - 10 years in residential premises;
  • AC4 floor panels - in residential premises 15 years (PLATINIUM floors - 20 years), public premises - 5 years;
  • AC5 floor panels - in residential premises 30 years; public premises - 8 years.

1.3. Liability under the warranty covers only defects resulting from causes inherent in the laminated floor panels purchased. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from other causes, including mechanical damage and defects resulting from improper assembly of the panels, their misuse or use inconsistent with the requirements set out in the "Principles of assembly and use. Warranty."

1.4. Wear at the edges of the panels is not covered by the warranty.

2. Reporting a claim under the manufacturer's warranty

2.1. Warranty claims shall be submitted by the purchaser at the place of purchase of the panels not later than 30 days following detection of the defect.

2.2. Warranty claims shall be submitted in writing. The warranty claim shall indicate the decor (name or number of pattern), quantity (m2 or pieces), identification number of the panels in question (printed on the bottom of the panel), place of use, and shall provide justification of the complaint and indicate one of the remedies referred to in Section 3.2.

2.3. The warranty claim must be accompanied by a copy of proof of purchase of the panels, as well as any available photographic documentation clearly showing the reported defect.

2.4. Two samples of the purchased panels shall be kept (one piece from the beginning and one from the end of the panel, each approximately 20 cm long and of the entire width of the panel) so that control tests can be conducted in the case of a quality claim.

3. Warranty claim processing

3.1. For the purpose of verification of a claim, the manufacturer (guarantor) reserves the right to inspect the floor at the place of its use, subject to the consent of the buyer.

3.2. In the case of a justified claim, the guarantor undertakes to replace the defective panels with ones free of defect or to reduce the price in proportion to the severity of the defect.

3.3. In case it is impossible to deliver an identical product, the customer may choose at his/her own discretion any other product from the current offer of SWISS KRONO taking into account the difference between the price paid for the defective panels and the price for panels chosen for replacement.

3.4. Claims shall be reviewed by the guarantor within 30 days.

This warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the purchaser's rights under statutory warranty provisions for defects in goods sold.