Thickness of base board16 mm
Length2500 mm
Height65 mm
Number of pieces in packaging9 pcs
Surfaces in packaging22,5 mb
Weight of packaging15 (±5%) kg

P65 moulding

A Perfect Match

Our latest laminate flooring line, Kronopol Ferrum Flooring, combines innovative technological solutions and an appealing natural look. The line is completed with a 65 mm moulding. 

The moulding is made from timber and other top quality materials. It features a quick and easy installation system and ensures a perfect colour match for all decors in the Kronopol Ferrum Flooring line.

P65 Moulding – Assembly Instructions

  • With a height of 65 mm, the moulding helps emphasize the ceiling height without compromising the room's optical harmony.
  • No additional accessories are required to join the moulding at the internal and external corners.
  • The new P65 moulding can be installed in two ways – by fixing clamps secured with screws to the wall (can be removed and reinstalled) or by using an adhesive.
  • Functional and appealing all-in-one packaging, highlighting the complementary aspect of Kronopol Ferrum Flooring products.


Find your own version of comfort and arrange your own unique home space.

Choose an interior, wall colours, the shade of the floor panels and their arrangement. Our application offers many options for interesting arrangements which will inspire you to create one of your own, which you will also be able to print and share with friends.