Structure 3D

Structure 3D

See, touch and feel!

Aurum floors are characterized by special surface structure:
synchronous 3D. Its uniqueness consists in excellent and synchronous
imaging of the wood drawing and structure, perfectly
combined together. As a result, the wood structure
is not only perceptible to the touch, but also well-visible to the eye.

All this is complemented by four-sided V-groove, thanks to which the connections between particular panels look modern and aesthetically appealing, giving the whole floor an exclusive character

AURUM Collection is the latest piece of work by SWISS KRONO.

Building a new brand of laminate flooring, i.e. 
AURUM FLOORS we were looking for a way,
to transfer the perfection of wood into the interior which would
allow users to interact with it with all their senses.

This latest laminate flooring brand is dedicated to people
who want to surround themselves with noble objects.

Oak structure 3D
Walnut structure 3D
Platan structure 3D
Elm structure 3D