Structure 3D

Structure 3D

See, touch and feel!

Aurum floors are characterized by special surface structure: synchronous 3D. Its uniqueness consists in excellent and synchronous imaging of the wood drawing and structure, perfectly combined together. As a result, the wood structure is not only perceptible to the touch, but also well-visible to the eye.

All this is complemented by four-sided V-groove, thanks to which the connections between particular panels look modern and aesthetically appealing, giving the whole floor an exclusive character


AURUM Collection is the latest piece of work by SWISS KRONO.

Building a new brand of laminate flooring, i.e. AURUM FLOORS we were looking for a way, to transfer the perfection of wood into the interior which would allow users to interact with it with all their senses.

This latest laminate flooring brand is dedicated to people who want to surround themselves with noble objects.


According to a test conducted by the NALFA - North American Laminate Floor Association, swelling of floors with the Aqua Pearl lock comes to only 7% after immersion in water for twenty-four hours. It is by 8% less than required by the European Floor Standard EN 13329:2016 for products in the AC5 abrasion class.

The AQUA ZERO floor does not only meet
the 24-hour requirements of the NALFA test but it also guarantees preservation of all usable and aesthetic qualities for 72 hours from flooding.


  • Hygiene (thorough hand washing, disinfection, maintaining cleanliness) depends on us, and not just on the properties of interior design products.
  • SWISS KRONO products – melamine faced boards, worktops, flooring - have antibacterial properties and thus they increase our safety.
  • Not all bacteria are harmful.
  • Bacteria do not multiply on the surface of SWISS KRONO products.


  • Antibacterial surfaces do not need to be washed, cleaned or disinfected.
  • Antibacterial surfaces are antiviral.
  • SWISS KRONO melamine faced boards, worktops and flooring with antibacterial properties have been created because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When you touch antibacterial surfaces you do not need to wash your hands.


Please be advised that SWISS KRONO laminated floor panels have antibacterial properties. This is confirmed by the attached Certificate issued by the IHD Wood Technology Institute in Dresden / Germany.

The ANTIBACTERIALITY of laminate flooring means that bacteria do not multiply on the surface of SWISS KRONO laminate floors. Tests according to ISO 22196: 2011 were carried out on 2 bacteria (Staphyloccocus aureus - golden staphylococcus and Escherichia coli - colitis), and their result confirms that the surface of laminated floor panels has the ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Walnut structure 3D
Platan structure 3D
Elm structure 3D
Oak structure 3D

Waterproof flooring AQUA ZERO

Warning: All colours shown in this publication are only sample colours and should not be considered as original ones.