AURUM – floor panels for demanding customers

Floor panels, in which the wood structure has been locked, will meet the expectations of the most demanding users. The newest line, in which each panel refers to a different smell, flavour or look, adds unique character to the floor. This wide range of fleeting emotions has been locked in a synchronous, three-dimensional panel structure, constituting together a perfect and harmonious composition.

AURUM has been designed to feed your senses and to highlight the individual character of every home!

While creating Kronopol Aurum Flooring, we took care of every tiny detail. We cooperated with wood designers, stylists and woodworking experts from all over the world. Our work resulted in creating floors for the most demanding customers that value the high quality and natural design based on unique natural wood drawings.

What distinguishes AURUM FLOORS from other floor panels?

Special surface structure – synchronous 3D

whose uniqueness consists in excellent and synchronous imagining of the wood drawing. As a result, the wood structure is not only perceptible by the touch but also perfectly visible to the eye.

Four-sided V-groove

that gives a modern look to the floor and highlights the diversity of each board.

High abrasion resistance class AC5

AURUM floors can be therefore used in places with very high foot traffic, also in locations of public use.

Wide range of colours and wood drawings

The AURUM line encompasses mainly colours and drawings of oak trees from all over the world but not only. The line also encompasses majestic plane trees, a sandalwood tree, walnut tree, classic elm, exotic cedar tree or a rosewood tree. Each collection has been designed to catch the eye with the variety of colours, shades and wood drawings of particular tree species.

Innovative G5 – Express Click installation system

Thanks to which laying floors is even simpler and their use more comfortable. The application of such a solution allows for fast and easy floor laying, “one floor panel after another”, as well as for its disassembly.