The most modern production lines, which together with more than a hundred years’ experience of the Krono Group enables to manufacture products of the highest quality and aesthetic parameters.

The present offer includes wood-based products from three branches:

  • furniture
  • construction
  • interior finish branch

From the production of raw particle boards , to the production of MDF and OSB boards, SWISS KRONO has been developing simultaneously the production of enriched goods, such as melamine faced boardslaminate flooring, wall panels as well as postforming elements (worktops). In order to ensure the production continuity, a glue and synthetic resins plant has been built. Production and processing of our goods takes place at:

  • 3 lines of ContiRoll type (particle board, OSB and MDF)
  • 8 KT presses
  • 6 lines for paper impregnation
  • 5 lines for flooring production
  • a line for wall panels production
  • a line for worktops production
  • format circular saw
  • a line for I-beam production
  • glue and synthetic resins production line

At present SWISS KRONO produces totally more than 1.5 million m3 of different sorts of wood-based boards annually.