The mission of SWISS KRONO company is to be the world leader on the market of wood-based materials.

The position is achieved thanks to providing our distributors and customers with innovativeeco-friendly products of high quality at reasonable prices. As the value added to products we offerthe highest level of customer service. All the above is to assure deep satisfaction of our customers.

We care about the environment

The basis of the Swiss Krono Group philosophy is the belief that only the products which are eco-friendly and safe to the environment are truly useful for man. Since care for the environment is one of the most important elements of the company policy, the production investments are accompanied by the investments in its protection.

Principle of sustainable development

Since the beginning of its operation SWISS KRONO, has been using in practice the rule of sustainable development, using for the production materials coming exclusively from the sources managed in accordance with the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council®) certificate as well as different sorts of wood waste.

Ecological investments

The economic objectives of the company are consistent with the requirements of the environment protection, pursuant to the assumptions of the Rio de Janeiro Declaration 1992.

  • In June 1995, an eco-friendly boiler house utilizing wood waste produced during the manufacturing process was built. It replaced coal-fired furnaces, thus significantly improving air quality in the vicinity of the plant.
  • In 2001, water environment was taken care of due to the fact that the region biggest rain sewage treatment plant was built.
  • In 2007, the biggest pro-ecology investment was initiated. Meeting the needs of the local community, the company board took a decision to build an electrofilter for efficient cleaning of exhaust gases from the dust generated in the combustion process.




ISO 9001

The company continually invests in the environment protection, which is provided by the Environment Management System implemented in 2004 and health and safety ISO 14001, as well as industrial safety - Specification OHSAS 18001.