On 28 September 2016, in a magic atmosphere of Arcades of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, we took our guests into an uncommon 'journey through time and space'. 

Walking along the 'Artists’ Street', the visitors could experience emotions leaving the limits of words and image behind. Historical space was filled with the synthesis of sounds, colours, tastes and fragrances. Six varnishing entrances were waiting for the guests, arranged in the style of Creative Group projects, inspired by the products of SWISS KRONO, where activities of various artistic fields surprised them.  

In the YOUNG kitchen, Tomasz Kammel with well-known public life personalities, such as Beata Bochińska (a long-term President of the Warsaw Institute of Industrial Design) and Maja Palczewska (an industrial and interior designer) was talking about good life, style and design. In the METROPOLIS salon the only Polish senselier, Marta Siembab, has taken the guests into the world of fragrances, revealing the secret of creating the mood with the use of fragrance, and how fragrance impacts our senses. In a charming VILLAGE kitchen, Mateusz Gessler was the host, taking care of the guests tasting the dishes of old Warsaw. In the YOUNG salon an excellent Polish drawer and satirist, Henryk Sawka, was creating drawings full of humour and provoked good laughs during his crazy talks with Marzena Rogalska. 

At the end, a Museum was expecting the guests, where memories and future intertwined: a closely guarded ‘sacred board’ (the first particle board produced in the town Żary), a movie about the history of logos, told by a marker, and a time capsule, which comprised the forecasts of our guests on what the world will look like in future…

The harmony of mood was shared by everyone, and images, sounds and fragrances have triggered strong emotions. In this uncommon way, we have illustrated today’s design, which combines all senses.

A walk to the history and future of SWISS KRONO will remain in our memories for a long time. Thank you for being with us.