“Thanks to a strong and unified brand we wish to maintain the tradition
and set our new international standard. This is how we will be
co-creating the future of the market”.

Ines Kaindl 
President of the Supervisory Board of the SWISS KRONO GROUP

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company faces major changes and this is why we wish to familiarise you with what we have been working on at the SWISS KRONO GROUP.

This year we will be celebrating our company's 50th anniversary. We will proudly look back on what we have accomplished in the last fifty years. Today, the SWISS KRONO GROUP is a world leader in the production of wood-based products. Our products are used to construct and furnish sustainable buildings in 90 countries throughout the world, helping to create an individual living space in one's own home.

The production work currently takes place in eleven plants in eight countries across the globe. Until now it has always been performed under our own company name and logotype.

What is more, we are also implementing other strategic investments. We are erecting a new OSB board plant in Hungary, as well as constructing huge Conti Roll process lines in Switzerland, USA and Russia. We are also on the verge of further expansion of the group in Eastern Europe and other continents.

However, such major changes require many scopes of our organization's operation to be adjusted so that we can offer innovative products and reliable service for years to come. Therefore, we have decided to intensify our cooperation, to focus on our joint know-how and to create a unified, coherent and strong identity: WE ARE ONE – THE NEW ONE.

Of course, we will not be able to fulfil this task all at once. Full integration requires a lot of time. However, we have already taken the first step.

Today, we would like to present the new logo which, starting from this year, will be used for all plants belonging to the group. Within the next few months we will unify the namesof our enterprises across the world.

We will be operating as a group with a clear and unified image under the joint SWISS KRONO name, allowing us to emphasize our membership in the SWISS KRONO GROUP. Therefore, it will be easier for you and our customers from all over the globe to distinguish our brand products from those produced by other companies. 

You’ll recognise us by the following new logo:

In the future, even more innovative products will be the main pillar our enterprise, yet we will always have your expectations and needs at heart. Our integration will also ensure further strengthening of joint, intensive research and development works. We will become even more efficient and dynamic, which in turn will allow us to implement customised solutions designed for our customers in Poland and abroad.

Therefore, you can still rely on our products created so far and, at the same time, look forward to what we will have to offer in the future as SWISS KRONO.

We are convinced that we are on the right track to being a strong, innovative and competitive enterprise for another 50 years to come.

Thank you for the many years of your trust and cooperation. Welcome to the new future with the Swiss Krono Group.

Yours faithfully
Maciej Karnicki
CEO Swiss Krono Group,
Chairman of the Board, Kronopol Sp. z o.o.