Kronopol's new timber storage yard 08.01.2015

Kronopol has expanded its timber storage capacities by building a new, paved storage yard covering an area of 33 thousand sq. m, almost equivalent to five full-sized football pitches.

The yard was constructed in 2014 between April and October using 12,000 tons of aggregate for the frost-resistant and the bedding layers. An asphalt layer was then laid on the prepared substrate, and covered with a wearing course. An interesting fact is that this layer used Densiphalt technology, which is also used to build hardstands for aircraft due to its exceptional sealing, load-bearing and wear resistance qualities. The structural and Densiphalt layers are 110 cm thick in total.

The six-month construction period included creating the necessary yard infrastructure, including rainwater drainage and hydrant systems, as well as a 2,000 m3 holding tank.

All works were conducted by Skanska S.A. based in Poznań, according to state-of-the-art construction standards. The total construction costs amounted to PLN 15.7 million.