On 3 October 2019, at the SWISS KRONO headquarters in Żary, a meeting was held with export clients from all 70 markets that are currently served by our company. It was the largest meeting of this type in 2019. SWISS KRONO's cooperation with its trading partners in local export markets has been closely connected for many years. The meeting, organised to mark the 25th anniversary of SWISS KRONO, was a great opportunity to summarise progress but more importantly, also an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities that our industry is facing with a wide group of experts from the various markets SWISS KRONO operates in.

For the employees and partners of SWISS KRONO, it is also a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face, to exchange experiences, and to learn about the latest offers from the company.
Customers could see the most important investments implemented at SWISS KRONO with their own eyes, e.g. construction of a warehouse for laminate flooring with a capacity of about 3,000,000 m2, a new laminate floor production line launched in September 2019, and most importantly, our new product offer – AQUA STOP waterproof flooring.

The substantive part was additionally enriched with presentations prepared by:
CEO of SWISS KRONO Group holding, Mr. Martin Brettenthaler, and the company's CSMO, Mr. Georg Mader. Ms. Beata Bochińska also said a few words about design forecasts and customers could assist in a presentation of new products such as WALLDESIGN decorative elements and AQUA STOP floors.
Maurizio Buratto gave a lecture on design and creativity that is always accompanied by emotions and communication skills.
President of the Board, Mr. Maciej Karnicki, in his speech, emphasized that "Through these 25 years we have created a company that employs 1,150 people, we have invested over 700 million euros in the development of modern production technologies and environmental protection, and – thanks to one of the most attractive product offers on the market – we currently export to 70 countries around the world, generating an annual turnover of over 500 million euros", and emphasizing the important role of partners in the development of the company: "During this period, investment in our business partners was equally important, though perhaps less measurable. It is thanks to the trust we once placed, and that we continue to put in the long-term and stable relationships with our clients, that we have managed to achieve a significant position in many markets around the world".
A complete exhibition was prepared for customers, including the colour range of laminate flooring available in the standard collections AURUM and PLATINIUM, the AQUA STOP collection, WALLDESIGN decorative elements, new decors, and structures and formats of laminate floors which will be put into production in 2020.
The moment when statuettes were awarded to clients with whom SWISS KRONO has the longest trading relationships was particularly touching. Two statuettes in this category went to the following companies:
MINIMAX from Slovakia and REPAL from Estonia.
The evening was graced by the performance of several dance bands, one of which performed a special Aqua Dance which proved to be particularly attractive. There was no end to conversations. It was a very busy day, full of impressions, pleasant meetings, and a huge portion of specialist knowledge.