One of the most important events in January in Lubuskie voivodeship was the official opening of the jubilee year of Kronopol. On Friday in Żary and Żagań representatives of business, politics and art met. The anniversary of Kronopol was marked by a New Year’s concert and gala dinner for guests and friends of the company.

New Year’s Concert

The celebration started with the New Year’s Concert, organised by Kronopol for the last few years. It was the fifteenth time that Żary Cathedral had hosted the most outstanding Polish musicians. The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jerzy Maksymiuk accompanied the world-renowned mezzo-soprano Małgorzata Walewska and tenor Vasyl Grokholskyi. The concert was heard by more than 1000 invited guests and residents of Żary.

During the concert, the “KRONO Man of the Year” award was presented. It was awarded to Stanisław Dobras, long-time employee of Kronopol and head of production at the Żary plant. The award was presented in person by Ms. Ines Kaindl-Benes, President of the Supervisory Board of the Swiss Krono Group holding, which Kronopol is a part of.

Special medals for Kronopol staff

After the concert, guests were invited to the Ducal Palace in Żagań. The official meeting was hosted by Maciej Karnicki, President of the Swiss Krono Group holding and Kronopol. During the event, the Marshall of Lubuskie voivodeship, Ms. Elżbieta Polak, presented Lubuskie Voivodeship Medals of Honour for Merit to representatives of Krono Group.

The Marshall thanked the company’s owners for their courage in investing in the region 20 years earlier. “20 years ago nobody knew what would happen. Therefore, today, on behalf of the regional government and all residents of the region, I want to thank you, Mrs. President, and your father, for making this important decision to invest right here – in the green land on the Oder, in the very south of the Lubuskie region. You trusted us and you believed that it was a good place for business. I believe that now, after these 20 years, we have not failed you and Kronopol is one of those brands which are recognisable not only in the Lubuskie region, but also in Poland, in Europe and worldwide. Kronopol is our regional Business Leader” – the Marshall said, offering a gift to Ms. Ines Kaindl-Benes, President of the Supervisory Board of Krono Swiss Group and daughter of the founder of Krono Group.

Medals of Honour were awarded to Kronopol and also to:

  • Stanisław Dobras
  • Gunnar Arno Josef Geppert
  • Joachim Axel Hasch

In addition, Maciej Karnicki, President of Krono Group and Kronopol, received the Medal of an Honorary Citizen of Lubuskie Voivodeship.

Gala dinner at Żagań Palace

One of the attractions of the meeting in Żagań was the premiere of the “Jubilee Film” of Kronopol. This is a presentation of what Kronopol is today and of the people who shape it – what their hobbies, passions, and memories about the company are. The film aroused strong emotions; it was very moving and at the end received thunderous applause.
The entire event was organised under the slogan “The company is its people”. Each participant received a commemorative album telling the story of all the key departments of Kronopol and a special set to seed a pine tree themselves.
The music at the event was performed by the Orkiestra Tomka Szymusia band and by Me Myself and I. Professional dance couples took to the floor too and a commemorative photo studio was available for the guests.