What Are ‘Cookies’?

‘Cookies’ are small text files that may be stored on your device during your visits to websites. They generally enable identification of your browser during your subsequent visits to various websites.

SWISS KRONO's website, available at the address www.swisskrono.pl, also uses ‘cookies’.

What kinds of ‘cookies’ does our website use?

SWISS KRONO uses four types of ‘cookies’:
1. ‘Cookies’ necessary for the proper operation of the website

Some ‘cookies’ are necessary to enable you full use of the website and the functions offered by it. For example, when you want to compare the parameters of two products, we use ‘cookies’ to remember the product being compared or to add it to your favourite products list.

2. ‘Cookies’ facilitating the improvement of the website

We use some ‘cookies’ to collect statistical information on users' traffic on the website, their activity, and the manners in which they use it. Such information allows us to improve the website and constantly develop it, so that it can meet your expectations.

3. ‘Cookies’ that enhance the website functionality

These ‘cookies’ enable remembering certain choices and settings you have made on the website (e.g. your login, language or region).

These ‘cookies’ are used by SWISS KRONO and by third parties which render certain services for the website (e.g. by the social media whose plug-ins are embedded on the website).

4. Other ‘cookies’

The last group of ‘cookies’ remember your visits to our website, pages that have been of particular interest to you, and links that you have clicked on. They enable personalisation of specific content and its adjustment to users' individual preferences.

Some of the above ‘cookies’ may be stored on your device by third party domains, such as: facebook.com, youtube.com. instagram.com. These third parties either render services for SWISS KRONO or offer various additional website functions directly to you.

How can I change the ‘cookies’ settings?

If you do not want ‘cookies’ to be stored on your device, you can always change your browser settings so that it does not allow some or all websites to store them or notifies you whenever a website wants to store a ‘cookie’ on your device.

You can also delete the ‘cookies’ that have already been recorded on your device at any time.

Therefore, to block the acceptance of ‘cookies’, we recommend learning the management of the privacy/security functions located in your browser's menu. You will find them in the menu under the ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ tab. You can also use the ‘Help’ function of your browser.

Below, you will find the links to 'cookies' management instructions for the most popular browsers on the market:

 - Blocking 'cookies' acceptance in Firefox
 - Blocking 'cookies' acceptance in Internet Explorer
 - Blocking 'cookies' acceptance in Chrome
 - Blocking 'cookies' acceptance in Safari

Please also read the Privacy Policy of SWISS KRONO